Every rising Hollywood star and every future princess should know that a good look starts with beautiful skin. No matter how thick your makeup is, you will never achieve a perfect look if your skin is not well treated. In these facial html5 games, you will find all the necessary tips to make your skin glow with health and beauty. For girls in their teens skin troubles are very difficult to avoid and can become very irritating. But your acnes and pimples are nothing to worry about anymore because these free facial html5 games will help you get rid of all your skin imperfections. Learn how to apply scrubs and cleansers, how to squeeze your pimples without getting red spots, how to shape your eyebrows using tweezers or wax stripes and how to take care of the sensitive skin around eyes. I’m sure it’s not a secret for you that our facial skin needs daily care and regular spa treatments. If you are already experienced in facial care, in our online makeover html5 games you will have a chance to put your skills to work and open your own beauty salon where you will pamper celebrities and royal princesses and make their skin look flawless. Become miss flawless with our free facial html5 games!

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