Would you like to have a pet? Of course you would! Animals are so cute, so fun and so pretty that it’s impossible not to love them. And if your mom says that you are not earnest enough to look after a pet, you can tell her: “Let’s see how I’m doing in these pet games!” While playing our cool pet games for PC, mobile phone and tablet, you can imagine in details what it would be like – having a pet. Or if you already have one, you can test your pet caring skills on other animals. What pet would you choose? A lovely kitty, a funny dog, or maybe a talking parrot? Here you will find a game about any pet you like. Unlike real ones, virtual pets can be as exotic as your fantasy can afford. You will learn to take care of pet ponies, tigers, even elephants and dinosaurs. In our html5 games you might even learn how to train your dragon and meet cute Toothless and Hiccup! Such famous pets as Talking Tom, Angela and Ginger are also waiting for you in our games. If you truly love animals and one pet is not enough for you, you can try yourself as a zoo keeper. For the ones who dream of helping animals when they are ill we have a whole bunch of pet vet games, where you can work in an animal clinic as a pet doctor. Disney princesses will ask you to take care of their royal pets while they are busy. Jasmine is looking for a very brave pet keeper to look after Rajah. Rapunzel needs someone to play hide-and-seek with Pascal while she’s away on a vacation with Eugene, and Ariel thinks that Flounder needs a new friend, because now she lives up on land. You can take care of all those pets!

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