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Elsa The Voice Blind Audition

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OMG! Queen Elsa is attending the blind audition at the Voice and you can’t even imagine how excited she is! In only a few days from now she’s going to go up on stage and sing as she never did before hoping to turn over all 4 chairs and enter the singing competition in her favorite coach’s team. But before getting a chance to steal the spotlights, she needs to practice her song for the big night and here is where you can help her out getting started our brand-new game for girls. The song she has in mind for the blind audition is super famous but somehow all the words on her sheet were all messed up so you will have to pick each word and place it in the right place in order to make up the lyrics - hope you remember Frozen’s Let It Go song ‘cause you’ll have to put it back together for Elsa. Next, select the cutest outfit to dress her up and then watch her from backstage as she sings for the four coaches waiting to discover another fantastic voice. How many turned over to welcome her on their team? Have a blast playing Elsa The Voice Blind Audition Game for girls!

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