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About Princess Uniqlo

Rating: 87%

Description: It’s the sale season and these gorgeous Disney Princesses are getting ready to hit their favorite store in town and renew their super chic wardrobes with some basic items and with this upcoming summer season must haves. So why don’t you join the Frozen sisters, Moana and Jasmine for their Uniqlo shopping spree? But first let’s help the fashionistas properly dress up! The first in line is Princess Anna: she loves her feminine shirts to be paired up with mid-length skirts, suit jackets, high heeled shoes, silk scarves and designer bags so take a closer look to her wardrobe and see which items would better fit the occasion. Princess Moana is into nature-inspired prints and long cardigans this season… dress her up in the cutest of them all. When it comes to choosing Queen Elsa’s shopping look you can either go for a lovely lady-like combo or for a smart casual look as you mix stripped t-shirts, with chino pants and sneakers. Next see what cute look you can create for Princess Jasmine too. Have a great time, ladies!