Surprise Ring
My boyfriend Alex always shows his love and appreciation to make me happy. He brings me a cute card, a bouquet of flower or a chocolate box every time we meet! I am wondering what he will do on Valentineâ?™s Day! There isnâ?™t much time left! I have to find a gorgeous outfit for this Valentine's Day to impress my boyfriend with and I'm sure you can help me find the perfect Valentine outfit. I have heard you are a great stylist, therefore I trust your fashion stylist skills, so I'm pretty eager to see what outfit you will find for me to put on. I have lots of gorgeous clothes and accessories in my wardrobe, go ahead and rummage through it, I like spending a lot of time trying my clothes on until I find the right combination, so I won't mind if you take your time to find the right outfit for me. Style me up in a fabulous outfit to dazzle my boyfriend with and choose the present you want him to surprise me with for Valentine's Day. Don't forget my accessories, because I like wearing them as well. Have fun! +9 more
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