Welcome to the magical kingdom of fairies – you know, those cute tiny creatures who look like pretty girls with butterfly wings. I guess you’ve already met some of them: Tinkerbell, Peter Pen’s tiny fairy friend, Zarina, the brave pirate fairy, the Three Good Fairies, who nursed princess Aurora and of course, a whole bunch of Winx fairies, the guardians of the world! Well, in these free online fairy games for PC, mobile phone and tablet you will get a chance to know them all better, while helping them in things you are best at: fashion and style. Each fairy wants to look pretty, so they crave for new hairstyles and cool outfits just as much as you do, girls. Only that the fairy fashion is a bit different from ours: they like to dress up in flower petals and leaves, they wear tiny dew drops as jewelry, accessorize themselves with bird feathers, and for makeup they use sparkling fairy dust… Ain’t that marvelous? Would you like to learn some fairy fashion secrets? And the fairies from the fairy world would be happy to take a lesson of human fashion from a skilled stylist and designer like you! Winx Bloom would like you to consult her about designing a new gown for a fairy school prom, Winx Flora needs fresh ideas on how to style her beautiful blond hair and Winx Stella won’t refuse help in developing a new cosmetic line based on sun rays and stardust. Dive into the world of magic with our html5 fairy games!

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