If you want to become little Miss Flawless, you’ve got to look perfect from tip to toe. Yes, literally from tips of your fingers to your toes, which means that you need to take a good care of your finger- and toenails. Play our free nails games and very soon you will be able to do a complete professional mani-pedi. In these html5 games movie stars and Disney princesses will entrust you their delicate hands because they believe that only you can take a good care of their nails. Make sure you can complete all the stages of a quality manicure not to let your clients down. First of all, soak the hands in warm water with cosmetic oils and herbs to relax them and moisturize the skin. Then apply specialized scrubs and wraps for hand skin, if you are doing spa manicure. If not, just rub in some cuticle oil and remove the cuticle. Then proceed to shaping the nails. Let your client choose the shape and create this shape, using nail cutter and various types of nail files. Pedicure requires almost the same steps, only that you’ll find that cosmetics is different. Now you are ready for the most exciting part: nail design! You can use shellac or other gel lacquer, for it stays much longer, or just simple lacquer. Unleash your fantasy and create unique nail designs for wedding, prom or vacation or design pretty Christmas, Halloween or Easter nails. You will love nail art!

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