Here you will find hundreds of online html5 baby games in which you’ll have a chance to babysit the most adorable babies. Enjoy spending time with cute little toddlers and have fun with fidgety bigger kids. Have you ever tried babysitting small kids? Maybe you have a baby sister or brother? If you do, you must already know that babies are a great happiness, but also a great problem sometimes. A baby, especially a newborn baby, is so helpless and dependent, he needs permanent care and a lot of attention. Mommy would never refuse some help. In these free html5 baby games you will learn to take good care of babies and make them happy. Play html5 games about newborn babies and learn how to change their diapers, how to bath babies and take care of their delicate skin, how to dressup babies and what clothes to choose. A good babysitter must also know what games and toys the kids like. Feeding the babies is also quite an art: what would your baby prefer, a fruit puree, cereals or just some milk? In our html5 games you’ll have a chance to help young mommies in breast feeding, too. With bigger kids you’ll have even bigger fun! You will be challenged to help them develop their talents, teach them to draw, to count, to dance, help them do their homework and prevent them from slacking off. You will also need to explain them good from bad if they misbehave. With these free baby games you will become an experienced babysitter, so you could open your own nursery or day care center! Celebrities and royal families will bring their kids to you. Spend your day with lovely Baby Hazel or pretty baby princesses Jasmine, Ariel or Cinderella. Baby Rapunzel is so cute and fun, you’ll love playing with her! So are baby princesses Anna and Elsa. Have fun with all those babies!

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