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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all? There is only one way to find out! Join three Disney beauties at the one of the greatest beauty pageant contests. Help them to get ready for the pageant through a fabulous dress up, that will make every of three princesses feel absolutely special! Too many ruffles? Too much sparkle? No such thing! Use your fashion sense and choose the perfect outfit, hairstyle and accessories. And then you can feel yourself as the juryman! There is three nominations - miss earth, miss world and miss universe! Who is going to get the first prise?
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Why is there always spanish in comments. LET THERE BE ENGLISH
2017-01-09 07:07:16
Cauana Soares
2016-11-03 15:18:50
Hesler Allendy Martínez Agustin
amigos hola
2016-08-18 19:58:54
sofia hayat
this is some games
2016-08-12 21:21:36
Dayanara Valdez
Se tarada 1000 ósea vale oro mi tiempo
2016-07-08 16:53:11
Patrycja Sielawa
uqisdhw due erue4hrhty6
2016-06-15 02:38:00
Viviana Queiros
resse jogo e louco
2016-06-13 17:40:28
Viviana Queiros
nossa que onda resse jogo
2016-06-13 17:38:36

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