They say a new hairstyle can change your life! Well at least, an elegant and edgy hairdo can become a key point of your new image. Have yourself a nice hair day with these free online hairstyle games for PC, mobile phone and tablet! Show off your creativity and demonstrate your hairstyling skills by creating unique and stylish coiffures. Our html5 games will help you develop your talent. First of all, you will learn all the secrets of efficient hair care. You will learn to choose the best hair cosmetics, try shampoos and hair masks with all kinds of flavors, different hairsprays and nutritive oils to find out what is best for your type of hair. Move on to styling up your hair and make sure you won’t get lost in dozens of hairstyling options that our free hair games are offering you. You can test them on Hollywood stars or Disney princesses before trying it all on your own hair. Become the owner of a posh hair salon, where all the celebrities and cartoon characters come for new elegant hairstyles. Ariel’s hair is straight, but she has always dreamed to have it in curls. Will you help her? Princess Merida, on the contrary, wants to straighten her crazy red spirals and look a bit more serious. Rapunzel desperately needs a haircut and Jasmine wants to become a blondie – can you do that for them? Experiment with different styles, from punk to glam, from girly to tomboy, from hip-hop to vintage to create a perfect hairstyle for a prom, wedding, first date or any other occasion. With our cool html5 mobile games your hairstyling talent will surprise everyone, starting with yourself!

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