True fashion addicts and queens of style, you are most welcome here! A quality selection of free online fashion games for PC, mobile phone and tablet is waiting for you to get them started. Your sense of style and your creativity will be challenged in these games, so get ready to show off your fashion skills. You will need to put together fashionable outfits, demonstrating a full understanding of what goes well with what. These html5 mobile games will help you learn the fashion basics any fashionista needs to know: how to tell vintage from goth and mori, what’s glam and what’s hip-hop and R&B, which dress is best for a 20-s party, what shoes fit into nerd style and many more. You will have a chance to dress up runway models and become an author of celebrities’ signature looks. All these games will help you to stay on the cutting edge of fashion all the time. If some type of skirt goes in or out of fashion, if a new shape of purse will become a hit, if some shoes will turn legendary overnight – you will be the first to know all about it! Visit all the posh red carpet events and learn the style secrets from the world’s most famous fashion divas, set up your own fashion shows with professional runway models and become a know-all style guru – all this you can do by just hitting the “play” button and starting one of those cool online games for girls! Remember that you don’t need registration to play our free html5 games.

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