How to apply makeup properly? How to combine makeup colors? How to pick foundation shade? How to use makeup brushes? What makeup to wear for a prom, date, or job interview? How to do wedding makeup? For these and many other questions, you’ll find the answers in our free makeup games for girls. Call up your BFFs for a makeup party and learn how to create most remarkable images within these cool html5 games. In many games you’ll find step by step instructions on creating a professional makeup: first you need to apply foundation, corrector and powder to even up the skin tone, then work on shaping the brows and proceed to eye shadows, liner and mascara. Finish your makeup with some lipstick or lip-gloss. Get any of these amazing html5 games started to practice all the basic steps and to excel further until you become experienced enough to open your own beauty salon. In many of these games, you will be challenged to create makeup for Hollywood stars and other celebrities or even royal princesses. Do your best and maybe one of your famed clients will ask you to become her personal beauty stylist! Moreover, you will have a chance to practice art-makeup and face art, which is so in fashion today! Learn what kinds of paints and brushes you need for face painting and grab some ideas of cool face art designs. Our html5 games will turn you into a true fashion guru!

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