Title: Rapunzel’s Instagram
Description: Although there’s no phones allowed in the tower, nothing can stop our beautiful long haired princess from taking a perfect selfie! Rapunzel is keeps up with the times and she is a real pro at taking selfies. She’s not really into duck-face mirror pictures, but she likes to show everyone her sense of style. Maybe taking selfies isn’t some kind of science stuff, but you need to know the right angle, keep your eyes on the light and of course choose a good filter. Flynn helped his favored girl to get latest IPhone, so there will be no problem with quality of the photo. Your mission? Help Rapunzel to choose the perfect outfit and get as many likes as possible! Have fun!
Title: Elsa’s Valentine’s Little Cupid
Description: Saint Valentine’s Day is almost there! And Frozen Elsa already know how she’s going to spend it - she planned a lot of cute surprises for Jack Frost. But our beautiful princess only can think about her beloved sister, Anna. Elsa’s noticed, that there’s a boy at school, that Anna likes a lot. But she’s too shy to open her heart and tell everyhing.. So why don’t you and Elsa help her? Become a little fashion cupid and unite two kind hearts! First of all help Elsa to find out who is Annas secret crush. Then make a perfect valentine card. And at the end slip the card to Anna’s crush. Let’s see what is going to happened!
Title: Elsa and Valentine's Day
Description: The Valentine's Day is almost here and our modern snow queen is preparing for it. It is Elsa's first V-Day and she has bought many dresses and costumes, because she couldn't choose only one. And now, the frozen queen needs your help with it! Let's try all the costumes and dresses with different fancy hairstyles and choose the outlook for the Valentine's Day. When the outlook is ready, choose the present for Elsa's Valentine! Let's help Elsa to celebrate Valentine's Day, enjoy!
Title: Rapunzel Wedding Prep
Description: A wedding is a wonderful moment in the life of every princess! Moreover, the preparation is a very important event, too. Adorable princess Rapunzel and her beloved Flynn are getting married soon. There are many things Rapunzel and Flynn need to check, but she has no time for the most important part - the choosing wedding outfit. Oh, the wedding ceremony is going to begin soon! Hurry up; help Rapunzel, Flynn and princess' bridesmaids Ariel and Belle to prepare. Find their clothes in time and choose the best dresses and accessories for each one. Let the wedding be truly amazing!
Title: Miss World
Description: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all? There is only one way to find out! Join three Disney beauties at the one of the greatest beauty pageant contests. Help them to get ready for the pageant through a fabulous dress up, that will make every of three princesses feel absolutely special! Too many ruffles? Too much sparkle? No such thing! Use your fashion sense and choose the perfect outfit, hairstyle and accessories. And then you can feel yourself as the juryman! There is three nominations - miss earth, miss world and miss universe! Who is going to get the first prise?
Title: Ariel Breaks Up with Eric
Description: Sad news girls, Ariel saw her boyfriend Eric was spending time with another girl! It has broken her heart and now she is picking up her stuff and leaving the castle. Ariel sure she will find her true love out there if you can help her to get ready for a new date. Will you help her out? Choose the best outlook for our beautiful red-haired princess! There are many different trendy jackets, dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes and accessories. You can choose anything you like. Prove to Eric that he can’t cheat on Ariel!
Title: Frozen Sisters Asia Travel
Description: After finishing travelling through the Europe, Frozen sisters decided to go on Asia trip. New places means new style! That’s why Anna and Elsa has emptied their suitcases and can’t wait for you to come and help them! Mix and match europe and asia styles in order to make an exclusive looks for icy princesses. And after total makeover join Elsa and Anna in a Asia Tour! China, India, Vietnam and many other countries are waiting for you to visit them. Don’t forget to take some pictures and share them with your BFF! Have fun!
Title: Princess Disney Glittery Party
Description: Girls, your favorite princesses are having a big glittering party this evening and you are invited! Join to Ariel, Elsa, Rapunzel and Jasmin and have a lot of fun together. Princesses are hoping you can come a bit earlier and together you can try all dresses before choose the perfect one. They need your fashion advice! Moreover, what the dress would look perfect without shining jewelries and trendy hairstyle? Choose the best ones! Enjoy the party together with Ariel, Elsa, Rapunzel and Jasmin!
Title: Elsa Good vs Naughty Bride
Description: Every girl dreams about the perfect wedding day! Romantic atmosphere, white wedding dress… Or not? Princess Elsa was always known as extraordinary princess. That’s why she still can’t decide what’s her favorite style. Help our beloved Disney princess to choose the perfect wedding look Today you are going to meet two different sides of Elsa: a nice and a naughty one. So why don’t she try both of them? Dress her up in nice cute clothes, choosing pretty hairstyles, airy white dress and lovely accessories. Or choose the naughty outfit hat will make Frozen bride look really cool! Would you like to try something new or you’ll prefer something more classic? Whatever combination you will choose, I'm sure you are going to have a really great time. Have fun!
Title: Disney Princess Secret Wedding
Description: Princess Aurora and her charming prince love each other and want to get married. But their parents aren’t agreeing to the marriage! The prince’s parents have locked him in his room and Princess Aurora is hurrying to help him out. Young princes and princess has decided to get married secretly! Help beautiful princess Aurora to complete help wedding outlook. Find her a dress, flowers and other important parts of outlook. Then help her to set free the princess and join their wedding!
Title: Princess Undersea Party
Description: Princess Ariel is so excited to bring all her friends to an undersea party. Her father, the King of Seven Seas, decided to make a surprise for his beloved daughter. He used his magic to turn Rapunzel, Belle and Cinderella into mermaids for a day! How cool is that? And remember, the mermaid princess also has to be stylish! So help beautiful Ariel and give your stylish advice to all the princesses. Underwater fashion has always been a little bit different, but mermaids are high on fashion, just as human women. There are no dresses or skirts, but a lot of pretty sparkle mermaid tails and amazing shells. Choose the perfect look for each princess. Wardrobe is full of clothes, and best hairdressers of the sea kingdom are ready to make fantastic hairstyles. Don’t forget about royal accessories. Make these Disney princesses look like a real mermaids! Have fun!
Title: Disney Red Carpet
Description: Three beautiful princesses, three fashion divas and also three movie stars! Seems like I’m talking about nine different girls, but it’s all about our beloved Ariel, Belle and Rapunzel. All of them recently became a Hollywood actresses and red carpet divas. Tonight they are going to the most famous Best Movie Awards! The paparazzi are already took their places and keep cameras ready, hoping to find the best angles. And your task today is to make a perfect look for all three Disney Princesses and get them ready for the red-carpet night. It’s all about glitter and glamour, so don’t be afraid to choose the one of this amazing gala dresses. Then continue makover with super-high heels. And of course don’t forget about accessories! Tomorrow pictures of Princesses are going to be on the covers of the most fashionable magazines of the world, and your name will be on everyone\'s lips. This is your chance to become the most fashionable stylist of the year. Don’t miss it!
Title: Rapunzel Blonde vs Brunette
Description: Princess Rapunzel is ready for a very exciting dress up challenge! Rapunzel wants to change her style from blonde to brunette, but she isn’t sure it will fit her. Would you help your favorite princess? You have to choose the perfect outfit for each style - blonde and brunette. Create two styles with one princess and look what is going to happen! Will Rapunzel stay a Blonde princess or will she become a Brunette? It is all dependents on how you will dress her up. Let us see what is going to happen!
Title: Flynn Cheating on Rapunzel
Description: Oh no! Looks like Flynn have an affair! Rapunzel’s BFF, princess Ariel, wants to check everything up, before tell her something. Help Ariel to find the evidences! The beautiful mermaid is really confused and she can’t decide should she tell Rapunzel about her finding or not? But first, maybe Flynn deserve a second chance and a little hint will help him to find the right way? You know, anyone can make a mistake and nobody’s perfect. Even Disney villains finds their forgiveness in heartfelt regret. And if the evilest one can change for the better, what to say about prince! Flynn will apologize will you advice Ariel not to tell Rapunzel, or tell her, for tangled princess to have a chance to find her true love? Help Ariel to decide and be next her whatever she will choose!
Title: Blonde Princess Prom Shopping
Description: Ladies, let’s go shopping together with Cinderella, Rapunzel and Aurora! Your friends, princesses need to create beautiful outlooks for their prom. And they invite you to go shopping with them and have a great time together. Choose the perfect dress for every princess among dozen different beautiful dresses and stylish costumes. And do not forget to look at shiny jewelries and glittery shoes that you can find right behind the dress shop. Have the best shopping day with Disney Princesses!