Who said that only babies play with dolls? Girls of all ages love dolls and playing dolls will always stay in fashion! What is your favorite doll? Is it Sue or Bratz or maybe it’s some Disney princess, like doll Jasmine or doll Belle? In our free html5 doll games you can choose any doll you like and play with it all day long! You can take care of your doll’s hair and makeup, dress her up in a beautiful and stylish way and give her spa makeover. You can even become a doll-maker artist and try creating your own doll in any style you like: it could be a manga doll, a pin-up or a mermaid doll or maybe a Hello Kitty style doll. In doll maker mobile games you can choose every tiny detail of your doll’s look, from the shape of her eyes and nose to the laces on her shoes. So if you are creative and patient, drop in here to create a doll of your dreams! A doll needs a cozy place to live in, so decorate a dollhouse for your doll. Try to choose the colors and shapes that match your doll’s style. It could be a Frozen style dollhouse or an underwater palace for Ariel. There are dozens of other activities you can do together with your virtual dolls in our free doll games. You can buy them cars, take them shopping, cook food for your dolls and feed them, take them to school and help them do their homework. Elder dolls like Bratz and Sue can become your good friends and fashion advisors so don’t skip your chance to spend a day in their company!

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