Who said that cooking is hard? With our free cooking html5 games for PC, mobile phone and tablet you will become a cooking guru in no time! Need help in cooking Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner? Want to surprise your crush with a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day? Invited too many guests for a birthday party? Play these cool online cooking games and lean how to cook a mouthwatering meal for any of these occasions and many more. Here you’ll find a game for each of your favorite dishes: learn to cook pizza, hamburgers, ice-cream or spaghetti bolognese. Or maybe you dream of becoming a pastry chef? Hundreds of recipes for cupcakes, cheesecakes, sugar cookies, cooking instructions for birthday cakes, gingerbread and brownies. Sound cool, huh? When you become more profound, you can even try baking a wedding cake and decorating, using creative decorating ideas from our games. You will find recipes from all over the world: learn to cook sushi the way they do in Japan, cook lasagna and pizza as Italians do and cook tacos and burritos as a true Mexican. Learn to cook together with your favorite Disney characters in these free cooking games. Princesses Elsa and Anna will share the secrets of Frozen cooking with you, Ariel will give some cooking tips on seafood and Belle is an expert in French cuisine. When you finish cooking your finger-lickin’ good soup, Caesar salad or steak, don’t forget to decorate the dish. A big part of our games gives some fresh ideas on decorating cakes and cupcakes: choosing the right cupcake icing, the most beautiful sprinkles and some other fun and attractive accessories. You will be surprised with your own cooking talent!

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